Keeping the Audience Toasty!

Current Shows:

Last Man Standing, ABC, 2012-
Young & Hungry, ABC, Family 2014-

Past Shows:

100 Questions, CBS , Oct. 2009
Accidentally On Purpose, CBS , Apr. 2009-Dec. 2009
Are You There Chelsea?, Warner Bros., Oct. 2011
Ant Farm, Disney, June 2012
Bram & Alice, Paramount Pictures, Sept. 2002
Complete Savages, Universal Studios, Aug. 2004-Feb. 2005
Cristela, ABC, 2014
Crumbs, Universal Studios, Jan. 2006
Dads, Fox, 2013
Don’t Try This At Home (Pilot), CBS, Apr. 2009
The Exes, TV Land, 2011-2015
Flirt (Pilot), CBS, Apr. 2006
Freddie, Warner Brothers Studios, Feb. 2006
Gary Unmarried, CBS, Aug. 2008-Jan. 2010
Greetings from Tuscon, Sunset/Gower Studios, Oct. 2002
Ground Floor, TBS, 2013
Guys With Kids, NBC, 2012-2013
Happily Divorced, TV Land, 2011-2013
I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Warner Bros., Oct. 2011
Jessie, Hollywood Center Studios, Sept. & Oct. 2011
Kirstie, TV Land, 2013
Less Than Perfect, CBS, Sept. 2005
Living With Fran, Sony Pictures Studios, Aug. 2005-Nov. 2005
MADtv, Hollywood Center Studios, Sept. 2003-Mar. 2004
Malibu Country, ABC, 2013
Mom, CBS, 2013-2014
Mulaney, Fox, 2013
Odd Couple, CBS, 2015
Retired At 35, Hollywood Center Studios, Sept. 2010-Feb. 2011
Rita Rocks, CBS, Aug. 2008
Rock Me Baby, Universal Studios, Aug. 2003-Feb. 2004
Sean Saves The World, NBC,  2013
Single White Millionaire (Pilot), Warner Brothers, Apr. 2008
Soda Jerks (Pilot), CBS, Feb. 2011
Stacked, Fox Studios, Apr. 2005-Dec. 2005
Still Standing, CBS, Jan. 2004-Jan. 2006
The Anita Renfroe Presentation, Sony Pictures, Apr. 2009
The Class, Warner Brothers Studios, Jan. 2007
The Great State of Georgia (Pilot), Hollywood Center, Dec. '10
The In Laws, Paramount Pictures, Sept., Nov. 2002
The Men’s Room, CBS, Apr. 2004-Sept. 2004
The Untitled Francis & Angela Project (Pilot), CBS, Sept. 2006
This Little Piggy (Pilot), CBS, Apr. 2010
Three Sisters, Universal Studios, Nov. 2001
Undateable, NBC, 2013-2015
Untitled Ed Yeager Project (Pilot), CBS, Apr., 2008
Untitled Sachs-Judah Project (Pilot), CBS, Apr., 2007
Wanna Bet, LA Center Studios, Mar. 2007
War At Home, Warner Brothers Studios, Mar. 2007
What I Like About You, Warner Brothers Studios, Aug. 2005
Whitney, NBC, 2011-2013
Women of a Certain Age (Pilot), Disney Studios, Apr. 2006